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Runs On Solar | Portable | Upto 5000Kg Capacity | 24 Hrs Thermal Backup

Room Dimensions

Room Temperature Required

Insulation Type for chillers

Incoming Product

Incoming Product Temperature

Thermal Backup

Ambient Temperature

: 12ft x 8ft x 8ft (External Diamensions)

: (+)6 deg cel to (+) 10 deg cel

: 100mm thick Puff/PIR Panels

: Fruits and Vegetables

: (+)8 deg cel to (+)30 deg cel

: Upto 24 Hrs

: (+) 46 Deg cel


A Cold room that does not depends on Grid Power

Cooling and air conditioning are one of most energy-intensive processes amongst the energy consuming applications. Some estimates suggest that HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) networks are to blame for over 30% of a building energy usage. When put in the context of millions (number of Indian homes and businesses installing air conditioning every year), the enormity of the supply and application gives a relevant perspective on electricity demand and consumption. The drastic increase in electricity demand on hot summer days not only causes a large increase in the use of fossil and nuclear energy, but also threatens the stability of electricity grids.

Case Study for agriculture Vertical 
Current Problem

Agricultural distress is often viewed as a short-term phenomenon in which farmers look for support from various quarters on account of being unable to get a gainful return due to price crash, poor marketing facilities, rising credit burden, increasing the cost of inputs and frequent occurrence of natural calamities. Prolonged unrest in rural India.

They want a reasonable price for their product.  As farmer already invested a lot on his crop cultivation hence he needs its money back with profit. Which is not much time possible because

  1. Rate fluctuations in the market.
  2. If a farmer wants to hold the crop for a period of time than he has to pay high prices for the cold storage with additional transportation cost.
  3. This again leads to an increase in the cost and farmer not able to get the desired prices.

Solution to Problem

Keeping this farmer’s serious problem, Green Life Solutions Private Limited has designed and developed a low cost portable cold storage that runs on Solar with thermal storage. As this cold storage does not depend on grid power hence near to Zero running cost and low maintenance. Now Farmers can store their crops and hold for few days or month till they get resealable prices of their product.