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GREEN LIFE (GL) is a concern dedicated to the promotion of Renewable Energy Propagation and Implementation in India. ‘Greenlife’ has established itself well in solar technologies and completed many projects in Renewable Energy (Thermal and PV) solutions across India.

Solar Thermal

Green Life Solutions Pvt Ltd. is manufactring one of Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) system. Green Life is designing and manufacturing Non-tracking systems, Single Axis Tracking System and Dual Axis Tracking Concentrators. All above systems are designed for working for different temprature range.

Solar Pv

Power generation is much more chear than grid electricity. Improved technology & reduced Cost of solar is now ready fit in everybody pocket. With a team of 60+ engineers and designer, Green Life has executed more than 11 MW project includes Roof-Tops, Ground Mounted and off-Grid SPV plant.

Energy Audits

Most of the Business and Industries are consuming energy more than to their actual requirment and hence ending to pay extra amount as compare to what in actual they should pay. In energy audit we do survey and an analysis of energy flows, for energy conservation in a building, industry, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s).

Who WE Are

Green Life Solutions Pvt Ltd. is determined to create an advanced, Quality manufacturing facility and to achieve superior standards by laying the foundation to meet and exceed where possible, cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice).

Quality is non-negotiable: The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility of Green Life Solutions Pvt. Ltd., here is a perfect testimony of quality adherence and class performance. Inspection checks as well as numerous tests to evaluate product performance in different conditions are undertaken stringently.

Services and Solutions

Solar Space Heating

This prototype home employs active and passive solar technologies, including a hidden, roof-top solar water heater, reflective window coverings, and

Solar Dryer

How does it work? Drying implies the partial removal of water from the material. But when fuel-fired equipment is used

Solar Pool Heating

Low pressure is the bottom line when it comes to setting solar up for long-term reliability. You can’t expect a

Concentrated Solar Thermal

CST Moving Focus CST Non-Imaging   It is a paraboloid reflecting concentrator with downward facing conical cavity receiver at its

Solar Cooking

Solar thermal cooking systems are efficient and hygienic for industrial/institutional canteens, religious places, community centers, etc. Volatile fuel costs and

Solar Effluent Treatment

Industries during the manufacturing process generate a huge quantity of highly toxic effluents which yield discharges having very high BOD,


India is well-known for its power problems. According to the Central Electricity Authority (CEA), India’s energy shortage was 8.5% and

Industrial Process Heating

Automobile, pharmaceutical, food &beverage, chemical and most other manufacturing industries have processes that need large amounts of thermal energy, which


Our passion to excel has made us grow faster than most of our competitors.  The Green Life has been a front-runner in delivering innovative and customized solutions.

CST Installation At Velammal Engineering College Madurai

CST Installation At Velammal Engineering College Madurai  

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Solar Cooker Intallation at PMC College House

Solar Cooker Intallation at PMC College House    

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CST Installation At Yerwada jail Pune

Successful Installation of CST and solar water Heater at Yerwada Jail Pune  

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Tejomaya Energy & Technology Pvt Ltd.

Tejomaya is a company who is working in Agriculture domain with energy solutions. Tejomaya is convinced with the technology developed

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Innovation And You

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Solar Power

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