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Solar Education Kit

“Green Life Solution’s” Educational Kit is designed to make the students build their own Solar System models – for age 13+Yrs (High School and College Students). This is a good teaching aid suitable for younger children just starting to learn about solar energy.

“Green Life Solution’s” Educational Kit is designed to let you and your kids build your own solar system models. This kit comes complete with 6 pieces and detailed, step by step illustrated instruction booklet.

The following appliances are also supplied with the kit

  • Radio
  • Calculator
  • Music bell
  • Torch lamp
  • Alarm Clock


  • Simple to understand
  • Compact, Elegant and easy to operate
  • Best suited to school laboratories
  • Lifeline for school kids
  • Low maintenance & pollution free
  • Environment-Friendly & pollution free
  • One year warranty of the system
  • The appealing aesthetic of body

Technical Specifications

Application Training
Use Educational Purpose
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -25°C to 85°C
SPV Wattage 1.5W @ STC
Max SPV Voltage (Vmp) 2.4 V (nominal)
Battery type Nicad
Battery Capacity 0.5Ah (min) x 2
Electronic load voltage ~750mW
Case Black powder coated aluminum frame and black powder coated aluminum back plate
Connectors Ring Terminals (7071- ring terminal 4 No.s) Male plug (MX-21A on both side of 1-meter cable)
Size (Unpacked) (LxWxH) 320X240X38.5 mm
Weight (Unpacked) 2.0 kg
Size (Educational Kit with accessories) 478 x 356 x 72
Weight (Shipping) 2.5 kg