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Green Life Solutions Private Limited is energy manufacturing company making energy available for all, even in extreme situations and locations. Offering cost –effective energy through its new innovation and technology products helping customers to sit relax and focus on their core business rest left on our team of experts for providing uninterrupted power for critical applications and normal backups.

Energy Solutions For Transforming India

Power Generation & Backups

  • Solar PV – Fixed and Portable
  • Flywheel – Fixed backup
  • Batteries – Fixed and Portable
  • Fuel Cells - Portable and fixed

Thermal Solutions & Backups

  • Space Heating – Hybrid Solar Based
  • Steam Generation – Hybrid Solar Based
  • Process Heating – Hybrid Solar Based
  • Dryers – Solar Based
  • Cooling - Hybrid Solar Based, Portable

With immense pleasure we would like to introduce our company GREEN LIFE SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED, a National award-winning company established itself well in Solar PV and Solar Thermal Technologies and working in PAN India.



  1. The company has been recognized by Govt. of India as a pioneer in the renewable energy sector (ESCO) by conferring award at the hands of Hon’ble Shri Piyushji Goyal, Minister for Power, Coal & Renewable energy, on 29th April’2016.
  2. Green Life Solutions Pvt Ltd isGrade ‘A’Channel partner of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) for Rooftop solar PV system and for Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) systems.
  3. We are the only company in Maharashtra who is empaneled with Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) as Consultant for CST program of Government of India.
  4. Green Life is also empaneled with Madhya Pradesh UrjaVikas Nigam.
  5. Green Life Solution is empaneled as one of the research and development partners with NEERI, Nagpur for development of renewable energy products.



Green Life Solutions Pvt Ltd. is determined to create an advanced, Quality manufacturing facility and to achieve superior standards by laying the foundation to meet and exceed where possible, cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice).

Quality is non-negotiable: The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility of Green Life Solutions Pvt. Ltd., here is a perfect testimony of quality adherence and class performance. Inspection checks, as well as numerous tests to evaluate product performance in different conditions, are undertaken stringently.

GREEN LIFE is the specialized manufacturer of eco-friendly solar thermal and Photovoltaic products like Solar Water Heaters, Solar Dryers, Concentrated Solar Thermal true parabolic dishes, Solar agriculture dryers, Submersible Pumps, Controllers, Inverters etc. We are committed to having self-manufacturing& supply solar products with quality, reliability and green environment for future generation. Our product ranges are as follows


  1. Concentrated Solar Thermal System for steam generation
  2. Solar Water Heaters
  3. Solar Dryers
  4. Solar operated cold storage
  5. Hot water industrial solutions (CPC)
  6. Residential Solar Cookers (Dish Type and Box Type)
  7. Solar Dish type cookers



  1. Solar Rooftop On-Grid System
  2. Solar Off-Grid system
  3. Solar Street light
  4. Solar Home Lighting
  5. Solar Portable Power
  6. Solar Educational kits
  7. Solar agricultural and Industrial pump solutions