GREEN LIFE (GL) is a concern dedicated to the promotion of Renewable Energy Propagation and Implementation in India. ‘Greenlife’ has established itself well in solar technologies and completed many projects in Renewable Energy (Thermal and PV) solutions across India.

Concentrating Solar Thermal

Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) uses sunlight to produce large amounts of heat. This technology uses mirrors to reflect sunlight onto a focus point and generates large amounts of heat. Using natural free energy from sun we can reduce the Consumption of fossil fuel and also enjoy monetory savings.

Become Electricity Producer

Now you can also become electricity producer for self consumption by utilizing your free open rooftop space and access energy can be credited to grid for later uses.The concentrator tracks the sun accurately given the fact higher the concentration higher the efficiency & energy generation and maximum fuel savings

3G Solar Grid-tied Inverter

Now 31 states/UTs have Net metering regulations in India. Powering India with our 3rd generation high quality solar inverters. Our on-grid intelligent inverters are having fan less technology with natural cooling and 3 level technology using Texas DSP-Dual Core Processors for faster speed and high efficieny.

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Heat from sun rays can be harnessed to provide heat to a variety of applications such as cooking, cooling, industrial process heating etc. solar concentrators are used

Electricity Generation

In case you want to reduce your electricity bill we can always think of on-grid solar roof top captive power plants without storage using Net metering.

Energy Selling and PPA’s

In some cases beneficiary is only interesed in the consumption of the green energy, in that case we offer opex modle where client need not to invest

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